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 "The best I've ever taken." 

  Workout At Home With Online Pilates, Barre And Conditioning Classes 

 Fitness Expert Lane Grosser Is Helping Busy Women 
Get Motivated, Gain Strength 
And Feel Great Through Her Rewarding Online Fitness Challenges - Join Us!

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  • Increase Strength  

  • Reduce Tension

  • Feel Great

  • Increase Energy  

At LGF, Lane’s unique experience and positive approach will leave you stronger and energized while relieving physical and mental tension so you feel your absolute best

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Lane Grosser

21 years dance + fitness professional

STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor

Dance Specialist

Athletic Conditioning Specialist

Twin mom

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by.


My name is Lane and I’m a Pilates, Barre and Conditioning instructor from the Northeast who has called Atlanta "home" for the past 10 years.


I love being able to help women online become stronger and more energized through motivating fitness, TOGETHER.

If you lack motivation, energy or accountability this season, my workouts and programs are for YOU!


I will help you gain strength, get motivated to workout and feel great physically and mentally.

Try out my free classes to see if you like them!


Click the "let's chat!" button to ask me any questions.


xo Lane

Get Started


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1. Join Now

If you lack motivation, energy or accountability this season, my fitness program is for YOU.

2. Get Moving

My classes are for all fitness levels so get out your mat and get ready to gain strength and energy!

3. Feel Amazing

My fitness program will help you gain strength, get motivated to workout and feel great physically and mentally.

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"Lane's classes are energizing! They are thoroughly effective, educational, and thoughtfully varied in content. Lane’s approach to teaching inspires physical strength and full body movement while encouraging confidence, well-being and self care. I always feel fulfilled and rejuvenated after completing Lane’s classes!"



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"I was not big on working out, but knew something needed to change to keep up with my girls, so I joined Summer Fit with Lane and it's been amazing!! I love how she offers a variety of classes so I can try out all different workouts and my girls are actually doing some of the workouts too so I'm thankful it's becoming a family thing!!!"



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"I’ve regained upper body strength that I thought I would never recover and feel much stronger physically as I go about my daily life! I also feel like I now have the tools to actually improve the problem that was causing my (back) stiffness and headaches and I have no plans to return to the chiropractor as long as I continue with Lane's classes!"


Elise Boros Headshot.png

"SUMMER FIT uses a nice variety of exercises while working all the muscle groups. I may haven’t taken another Pilates class if it weren’t for Lane incorporating Pilates into the SUMMER FIT class schedule.  Lane’s amazing knowledge of physiology and easy-to-follow instructions makes exercising safe and loads of fun!!!"


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"LGF has been a life-style extender for us. Of utmost importance are stretch for our daily muscle health, tone and conditioning for balance, coordination, and strength.  All the classes we have participated in have added a sense of wholeness and well-being."

Rosemary and Dan

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"I joined Boot Camp to restart a consistent workout plan, which had been lagging. Lane’s thoughtful schedule of classes, the variety of workouts and the weekly check-in calls were what I needed to get back on track to exercising daily. Lane’s plan made it simple and achievable! Meeting the other participants and hearing their encouragement, advice and honesty was helpful, too. I finished Boot Camp in better shape but more importantly, inspired."



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"Lane Grosser Fitness is perfect for working moms who want to be healthy and strong but have limited time to devote to workouts. Lane's workouts are challenging, but her music choices and references are relatable and make the workouts fun. She explains exercises in detail (explaining what muscles you should be feeling/common errors and how to correct it/how to get more out of the exercise) so that you can properly execute them. I love how knowledgeable she is about the body and how accessible she is to help with any questions or concerns."


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"I’ve been a class client for over two years, and I'm so happy with my experience. I've noticed real positive changes in my body, like improved flexibility and posture. Lane's classes also helped me get back in shape after having a baby. Highly recommend!"


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Summer Fit Anchor

Unsure if you're ready to join my March 21-Day Fitness Challenge? Click the link above to try some free classes and see if you like them!


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