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Should I Exercise When I'm Exhausted?

How to Use Exhaustion as a Guide in Building a Sustainable Exercise Regimen

Some days life and lack of sleep deplete us of energy, making it impossible to workout, so what do you do if you're in a fitness challenge?

Read below for my thoughts.

Tip #1 - Be Honest With Yourself

It can be really tough to exercise on the days when you’re just too exhausted.

On those days I suggest a walk or stretch class to give your body some movement but if you’re just plain exhausted and even those options seem unbearable, go to bed early and make a plan to get up the next morning for your workout.

But what can you do if you're always too tired to exercise? Read on.

Tip #2 - Assess Your Day

Figuring out a workout schedule that works for your unique life and circumstances is number 1 in building a sustainable workout regimen.

Only you know what adjustments you need to make, the help you need and the boundaries that you need to set up to see your workout through.

Often, I hear that either a morning or evening workout regimen works best for my challengers.

For those who face extreme exhaustion by the end of their days, oftentimes they decide to make morning workouts a priority. The workout gives them energy for their day and they end the day satisfied that they got their workout done in the morning.

For those who have a really early wakeup time or are more of a "night owl", evening workouts seem to work better for them. Oftentimes I hear that their evening workout helps them wind down from their day, giving them better sleep.

And for those who work from home, oftentimes I hear that the mid day/lunch break workout time works best for them, giving them a nice dose of energy to finish out their work day strong.

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.” – Dr. Seuss

Tip #3 - What Time Works Best For You?

How do you know which time of the day is best for your workout?

I've often heard clients share that it takes them a month or two to figure out the workout schedule that works specifically for them.

These questions can guide you as you figure out the best time of day for your workout:

When do you have the most energy?

When do you dip in energy during your day?

Which time of day would you be most excited to workout during - morning, mid day or evening?

Tip #4 - How Time Of Day Influences Workout Results

CLICK HERE to read an article that shares new science on the benefits of morning and evening workouts by the Washington Post.

Tip #5 - Just Do It

I love this tip from an LGF challenger because I've heard it many times from other challengers:

Some days I feel too tired but just getting started on a workout gets me going and I feel energized after.

Some days you just have to get started with your workout and see how you feel 5 minutes in. Oftentimes you'll feel energized and happy to keep going.

Practical Practices

Try doing your workout at different times of the day and see what time serves you the best.

And on those days that you are just too plain exhausted to exercise, give yourself grace and make a workout plan for tomorrow.

Make a plan to get back on track the next day and tell someone so you’re accountable not only to get the rest you need but also to get in the workout when you’re rested. - LGF Challenger

Want to see what worked best for me today? You might be surprised.

Click here to read about how I managed my exhaustion to inspire me into an evening workout.

Quotes by LGF challengers shared with permission.


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